I was impressed with my surgeon. The first time I met him ,I liked him.I knew of 7 other people who had been to him and they all liked him also.I live 6 hours away and he was very helpful at arranging for a lot of the work up to be down in my area.

His office staff were very nice and well organized, They were kind and so helpful. If I called about something, they called me back befor the day was over.

He is a fine surgeon. I also heard this from the nurses at the hospital. He did me a fine job and I would recomend him to anyone.

He provided me with great after care including a book that had step by step instructions,what to expect, when to begin eating what ,first grocery list, and lots more.I also got a bear with a surgeons outfit, to hold on my tummy on the way home.I was very impressed.

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